Shmear is a card game known by many names (shmear, smear, pitch, setback, jick, & others). In North America it is played in mainly in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario though it is popular in other places. Shmear belongs to a category of card games known as 'all fours' [games in which only four points are available in a given hand]. Twoopy Entertainment has offered free online play of multiplayer Shmear on the internet since 1998.
We are proud to present the latest version of our online game featuring:
  • Free online play for all players
  • Private game areas
  • 4 and 6 Player games
  • Chat bubbles!
  • Reliable internet play
  • Customizable character avatars
  • Realistic card play
  • Customizable features

Download Shmear 4 for Windows