Multiplayer game
Shmear 4

Shmear Online is our latest online card game for Windows.  The games included are Shmear, Crazy Shmear, Pitch, Kitty Shmear, Jick Shmear, Partner Shmear, Partner Pitch, & Partner Jick. 

Screenshot of Shmear 4

All Shmear 4 users can play for FREE* each day!

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*Non-members are limited to 30 minutes of free play each day.

New Features!

Version 4.0 has the following new features

  • 4 or 6 player games
  • Private games
  • 4 different ways to play a card
    • keyboard [0-6]
    • click
    • double-click
    • drag-n-drop
  • Ability to re-arange cards in player's hand
  • Customizable game characters (eyes, hair, mouth, skin, & clothing)
  • Customizable sounds, visual options, & gameplay settings
  • Chat with cartoon chat bubbles
  • Customizable game speed
  • Improved scoring (winner gets extra points for opponent's sets)
  • Ability to send special commands (help, nugde, boot)
Download & Install

Click here to download and install Shmear 4.0 (Windows)

After installing, You will find a link on your Start bar under the group "Twoopy Entertainment". You can securely create a new Username here.

If you need further assistance after starting the program click here for help.

If you are a current player of Shmear 3 you will need to verify your eMail address to play Shmear 4. To request an eMail verification, click here.

By using our software you imply agreement to our license agreement.