Shmear 4 Options

What follows is an explanation of options available in Shmear 4 Online..

Under the Options menu in Shmear Online 4 there are 3 menu selections available. 

  • The first are the "Shmear Options" which is presented in detail below
  • The second is "Scoring" which opens up a round-by-round scorecard.  The scorecard may be kept open at all times during play if you so desire
  • The third is "Stats" which gives you an idea of how well you have been playing

Shmear Options:

The Options dialog consists of 4 tabs.  Game, Cards, Visual & Audio.


The Game tab allows for setting:

  • Game Speed
    • The Slider changes the speed of played cards and bidding
  • Auto-play Last Card
    • Check if you want the computer to play for you when you only have one card remaining
  • Auto-play All Cards [Away]
    • Check if you want the computer to play all of your cards
    • You can use this option to learn how to play each game variation
  • Your chat font is also selected on this tab

 The Cards tab allows you to choose the card back image displayed in the game.

On the Visual tab you may set the following options:

  • Background
    • Click the picture or "Browse" to change the image that appears behind the table.
    • Click "Preview" to see how the background looks without closing the Options window.
  • Comment Erase Delay
    • Enter the wait time before comments are erased
    • Comments appear in the "chat bubbles"
  • Flash Trick Winner
    • Check to see the winning trick card flash after each trick
  • Auto-Close Message Bubbles
    • Check to have the "talk bubbles" close after the Comment Erase Delay
  • Font Color
    • Click to change the color of the text in the "talk bubbles"
  • Show Trump Suit
    • Check to display the trump suit in the lower left hand corner
  • Show Bid Winner Location
    • Check to see a graphic behind the bid winner for each hand
  • Show Actor Hint in chat line
    • When checked a hint will display showing you how to change your actor 

The Audio tab allows you to select custom sounds (or disable) for various events in the game:

  • Select the program even you wish to change and choose a sound:
    • from the pull down "Sounds"
    • by selecting "Browse..."
    • choosing "(none)" to disable a sound event
  • Check "Mute All" to disable all sound events